Level Up Literature is a higher level online tutoring platform that hosts powerful English Language and Literature masterclasses for GCSE and A-Level students. Bridging the gap between GCSE and A Level whilst building skills for Higher Education.

We’re creating a community of go-getting, forward thinking students who want to take control of their learning and level up their grades. This is more than what you learn at school: this is levelling up the power of the mind, combining motivational thinking with breakthrough study habits to help you unlock your highest educational brain. Understand what examiners are looking for that will propel you to that top level A* and gain lifetime skills that you can take away to Further Education.

GLad to have you

Shelana Thomas

BA English (University College London)

I'm an English tutor and English graduate with over 8 years experience in tutoring English Language and Literature, I believe that I've cracked the code of the English exams and have been teaching young people how to level up for years.


After graduating from UCL in 2016, I went on to pursue a career in film and media, and have worked on projects with the likes of Sky Arts, Netflix and Royal Opera House Bridge. 


Over the year I've toured around UK schools in London, Essex and Luton, delivering workshops in poetry, film and songwriting writing students. I've become a coach and mentor to many young people in order to help them discover their talents and reach new heights.

Level Up Literature has come at a time where we need it the most. Being so close to the generation after me, I really do understand what it's like growing up in a digital world and the need to bring education to the home. I can't wait to watch you grow in this platform to help you succeed in your future goals.




Life Coaching Certificate

Cognitive Behaviour Coaching Certificate

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